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 Sonic Chronicles The Dark Brotherhood

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PostSubject: Sonic Chronicles The Dark Brotherhood   Tue Aug 18, 2009 8:32 pm

(I cant beleave no one posted this...) this is where you talk about Sonic Chronicles The Dark Brotherhood...you can say your thoughts about the game...you can say your progress...you can ask any question about the game here...becouse I've beat it over ten times...you can just chat about the game...it's the best game ever...so please try not to say bad things about it...you can say things they should have added to the game...(wow this is the longest post of mine ever...)so here are my thoughts: it's the BEST game EVER!! they should have added: after you get back from the twilight cage you should be able to beat Eggman to...(I'll hold back my mean thing...)
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Sonic Chronicles The Dark Brotherhood

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